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Crispy Roast Potatoes

The art of making the perfect crispy potatoes is one im glad I’ve learnt. Whether, it’s in my roast dinner or even just a normal side, here’s my step by step recipe:

Step one: pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees and peel and cut potatoes

Step two: wash the starch off the potatoes

Step three: boil a pan of water and par boil the potatoes, whilst the potatoes are boiling put a pan in the oven that is lightly covered with oil and heat this up in the pre heated oven

Step four: once the potatoes have par boiled, take the pan out of the oven (be careful with the hot oil) and put the potatoes in, season how you wish – I use garlic, rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper

Step 5: put in the oven for around an hour until golden and crispy, take them out every 15 minutes to move around just so they cook evenly